LabelManager - D1


There may be slack with the ink ribbon in the tape cassette. Remove the tape cassette from the label maker and make sure that the inking ribbon is tight. If the ribbon is not tight then tighten it by turning the black spool in the cassette clockwise until the ink ribbon is tight against the label tape. The ink ribbon in the tape cassette may also be broken or severed. Replace the tape cassette if that is the case.

D1 labels have an easy-peel split tape backing. Locate the split on the tape backing. Gently pinch the tape. The tape backing will separate. Carefully peel away the backing from the tape.

Carefully insert or remove the cartridge from the printer. Abruptly inserting or removing the cartridge may cause the carbon backing to break/tear on a component inside the printer. It is possible that the cartridge is not installed completely in the printer which results in more stress on the carbon and does not allow the cutter blade to cut the tape properly. Press FIRMLY on the cartridge to ensure proper installation.

The following information ONLY applies to DYMO label printers that use direct thermal printing technology. Currently, this includes all LabelWriter printers, LabelManager, LetraTag and Rhino series label makers. When stored properly, DYMO labels will have a shelf life of several years. When used in an office environment, printed labels will remain legible for over a year. The following conditions may cause labels to darken or the text to fade: exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent light for an extended period of time, exposure to high temperatures for an extended period of time, contact with PVC film or vinyl containing plasticizers.